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Introductory Do No Harm Workshop

August 2016

CDA Collaborative Learning Projects will hold a 1- day Do No Harm/conflict sensitivity workshop. This workshop will introduce participants to the Do No Harm Framework, including a Dividers/ Connectors analysis, Program Analysis, Impact Analysis, and Options generation. This interactive workshop will also provide participants the opportunity to practice the application of Do No Harm analysis.

August 23 in Cambridge, Massachusetts Cost: $65

CDA perspectives

Peter Woodrow

July 19, 2016

A Systemic Analysis of Corruption in the Criminal Justice System in Lubumbashi, DRC

Corruption is a complex adaptive system, and implementers must continuously reassess the system and the effects of an intervention and adjust programming accordingly. In this vein, I traveled to Lubumbashi in April, 2016 to facilitate a systems analysis among the local anti-corruption network. During analysis we paid particular attention to abuse of preventive detention and police custody. The analysis of information provided by members of the local network generated a systems “map” of corruption, which was then refined and validated by network members.

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