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Business for Peace: Understanding and Assessing Corporate Contributions to Peace

September, 2014 | Dost Bardouille, Chloe Jaleel, Sarah Cechvala, and Anita Ernstorfer

How can the private sector contribute to peace? This paper, presented at the 2014 UN Global Compact’s Business for Peace (B4P) conference, aims to advance the practical analysis and discourse of this issue.

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Presentation: What’s the evidence ­base?

Resources about Monitoring & Evaluating the Effectiveness of Business Contributions to Peace

March 16-19 2016 Atlanta Georgia, USA

Join Anita Ernstorfer at the International Studies Association 57th Annual Convention, and the panel she will be presenting on: The Private Sector as a Key Stakeholder for Peace: Conceptual and Empirical Contributions.

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Chaw Mueral Kyaw

November 8, 2015

Voting for the First Time

Hello, my name is Chaw Mueral Kyaw. I work for CDA as Office Manager in Myanmar since July 2015. Earlier, I worked with the International Management Group which was funded by the EU for the peace and MDG projects. It is my great pleasure to be a member of CDA. As a Myanmar citizen, I really appreciate CDA works for our country.

Today, November 8th 2015, is my very first time, excited moment of my life – which will be remarkable in all of our lives. Today is our country’s second election! Yes, second time on the democracy path. It is my first time because I couldn’t participate in that process in the last 5 years…

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Responsible Business

How can companies maximize their positive effects and minimize negative impacts on communities? How can companies gain and sustain a social license to operate in the most difficult operational environments? What are the appropriate roles for business entities in promoting peace? How can companies promote human security and reduce risks to themselves and their stakeholders when they operate in the presence of armed non-state actors?

Peacebuilding Effectiveness

What works—and what doesn’t work—in peacebuilding? How do multiple peace efforts “add up” to sustainable peace in specific conflict-affected contexts? How can we measure progress in peacebuilding and evaluate both short- and long-term processes? How can systems thinking tools and concepts support more relevant and effective peacebuilding practice?

Conflict Sensitivity – Do No Harm

How can organizations, companies, governments, and individuals make conflicts worse—or better—by the ways in which they operate and the choices they make? What are the effects of interventions of all kinds on the contexts in which they operate? What are the practical methods for incorporating conflict sensitivity into context analysis, and then into program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation?

Accountability and Feedback Loops

In what ways is the aid system functioning well or poorly—from the perspective of those at the “receiving” end? How can the aid system become more accountable to the people it aims to benefit? How can aid agencies of all types actively seek feedback from the people affected by their programs—and then act on that information?

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