Central African Accountable Service Delivery Initiative (CAASDI)

Project Overview

The Central Africa Accountable Service Delivery Initiative, or CAASDI, is an innovative project being developed to promote accountable criminal justice sector service delivery in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). CAASDI is being developed by CDA in partnership with BESA: Catalyzing Strategic Change.

In regions such as Central Africa, corruption is rife and one of the greatest obstacles to building effective governmental institutions and ending cycles of violence and instability. Within the criminal justice sector in particular, corruption threatens the sense of security among citizens, provides preferential access to justice, threatens the legitimacy of state institutions and harms overall economic performance. The CAASDI’s approach includes a systemic analysis of public corruption in the criminal justice sector, program design based on explicit theories of change, and incorporation of strong monitoring and evaluation elements.

In August 2015, CDA launched a one-year pilot project in Lubumbashi, DRC through its implementing partner, RCN Justice & Démocratie.  The project will develop a network of criminal justice sector stakeholders intent on raising awareness about specific corrupt practices and identifying effective strategies for action against corruption in the local context.  The network will promote dialogue and generate effective anti-corruption advocacy through increased collective action.

CDA will work with its partners to capture lessons from this innovative approach to combatting corruption. We hope that these lessons will inform the development of programs in other countries, and contribute to learning in the field of anti-corruption more broadly.

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