An Approach to DAC Guidance for Evaluating Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Activities

September 2007 | Mary B. Anderson, Diana Chigas, and Peter Woodrow

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Suggested Citation: Anderson, Mary B., Diana Chigas, and Peter Woodrow. “An Approach To DAC Guidance For Evaluating Conflict Prevention And Peacebuilding Activities.” Cambridge, MA: CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, 2007.

This report on evaluating conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities was completed under joint Terms of Reference from the DAC Networks on Development Evaluation and on Conflict, Peace and Development Cooperation, and represents a step forward in developing forthcoming DAC guidance on evaluating conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities.

The report was prepared by Mary B. Anderson, Diana Chigas, and Peter Woodrow of CDA Collaborative Learning Projects (CDA), based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The two networks received and commented on this document prior to its publication. Input from network meetings and workshops has been included. The findings of this research are being used in the preparation of draft DAC guidance, which will be completed by the two networks in the autumn of 2007. The draft guidance will be used for evaluations in the field during a one year application phase, then revised and finalised at the end of 2008.

The report has also been published in the OECD Journal on Development, Vol. 8/3 (November 5, 2008.)

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