CDA Annual Report Fiscal Years 2014-2015

September 2016 | CDA Collaborative Learning Projects

Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the CDA Annual Report for our 2014-2015 fiscal years. We hope that you find it inspiring and useful. This has been an exciting period of ongoing learning and of accompanying partners in adapting CDA lessons to their context and work. It has been our pleasure and honor to continue our work with so many remarkable colleagues around the world.

CDA is well known for its work in the the practice areas of peacebuilding effectiveness, conflict sensitivity, accountability and feedback loops, and responsible business. Over the years, CDA has worked in these thematic areas through four discrete programs with which many of you are familiar: the Reflecting on Peace Practice Program (RPP), the Do No Harm Program (DNH), the Corporate Engagement Program (CEP), and the Listening Program (LP).

Each program conducted its own collaborative learning processes and also engaged in accompaniment and advisory work in partnership with non-governmental organizations, private sector companies, donors, bilateral agencies, and multilateral institutions. Each of these learning programs engaged hundreds — in some cases thousands — of people, and has generated widely recognized and referenced lessons relevant to the policies and practices of international and local actors.

As the sheer volume of CDA’s findings, tools, concepts and practical frameworks has continued to grow, so have the demands for CDA’s assistance in applying and adapting them to specific contexts and organizational needs. These growing demands have challenged us to find new ways to balance our commitments to developing new knowledge and working with our partners to apply it. Early in the 2013 calendar year, CDA staff and board initiated a strategic planning process to refresh our organizational vision and determine forward directions. The planning process resulted in a new organizational model. CDA will continue to work within its practice areas however, we will do so under a new management structure, as an Advisory Services “wing” and a Collaborative Learning “wing” will replace the four programs.

This change will enable CDA to take a more deliberate and focused approach to both collaborative learning and advisory services and accompaniment, combining our collective insights and experience in a more integrated manner. CDA will maintain our existing relationships with organizations and individuals, even as we seek to expand our pool of partners, funders, and collaborators. We hope that our new structure will make it easier for us to do this in a more effective way. All of us at CDA would like to thank those of you who provided frank feedback and helpful suggestions as we have explored new ways of working and engaging with you.

We hope that you will use this report to explore how CDA spent the past two years, and where we are headed.

Best wishes,

Peter Woodrow

Executive Director, CDA

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