Michelle Garred

Senior Advisor - Conflict Sensitivity and Peacebuilding Effectiveness



Selected publications include

Michelle joined CDA in 2016, and she currently serves as Senior Advisor on Conflict Sensitivity and Peacebuilding Effectiveness. Her areas of expertise include conflict analysis, conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding integration in humanitarian and development assistance, faith-based and multi-faith peacebuilding, participatory approaches to research and learning, and the transformation of identity-based conflict.

Michelle previously worked for World Vision International, where she led and expanded the multi-agency global network for Making Sense of Turbulent Contexts participatory macro-level analysis, and advised organizational leadership on strategy-level application of conflict analysis findings. She also led ‘Do No Harm’ mainstreaming across country offices in the Asia-Pacific Region and the Asia Tsunami Response, as well as supporting civil society peace efforts in the post-war Balkans.

While working as an independent researcher and consultant, Michelle spearheaded action research on ‘Do No Harm’ adaptations for the religious and multi-faith organizations, with support from the International Peace Research Association Foundation, the Peace and Justice Studies Association, and the Religious Research Association. She also provided consultancy services for multiple NGOs, and adjunct teaching for the American University Summer Peacebuilding & Development Institute.

Michelle has served long term in México, Kosovo, the Philippines, and Singapore, and provided shorter-term technical assistance in dozens of contexts around the world. Her primary languages are English and Spanish. She holds an MPA/MA from the University of Washington, and a PhD in Peace Studies from Lancaster University. Michelle blogs at http://www.michellegarred.net/, where the opinions that she expresses are her own.


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