Min Nyan Shwe

Senior Partnership Officer - CDA Myanmar



Min Nyan Shwe joined CDA as a Senior Partnership Officer on September 2017 for promoting Do No Harm/Conflict Sensitivity practices both on the program level and on the organizational level to CDA local partners’ and others organization. Min Nyan Shwe has worked for inter-communal harmony and peace building practitioner in different part of Myanmar during 2015 to 2017 before joining CDA. He has worked at different area over 7 years at community based experience through conflict and social harmony, squatter project, research project for child migrant worker, income generation for community based education, promote education and work skills for migrant youth at Bangkok and health promoting project in Myanmar. At the same time, he is the founder of Kwan Hlar youth organization and experienced managing of different activities such as youth capacity building, women empowerment participation in rural development and set up kindergarten school in rural. Min Nyan Shwe graduated a Bachelor Degree from Rangsit University, Thailand with the major of Information Communication and technology.