Sarah Cechvala

Senior Program Manager


Sarah Cechvala joined CDA in 2013. Her professional areas of expertise are corporate social impacts, conflict sensitive business, responsible business practice, accountability and feedback loops, and listening processes and methodologies.

Sarah has facilitated collaborative learning processes and field research in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Currently, she manages CDA’s collaborative learning on business and peace and supports the ongoing learning and advisory services on feedback loops and aid effectiveness. Sarah continues to contribute to publications, and has authored case studies on feedback loops and corporate impacts on peace, and has conducted several assessments of corporate field operations.

Before joining CDA, Sarah conducted mix-method research on displacement, vulnerable populations, and gender-based violence in conflict zones. She has a background in forced displacement and durable solutions for refugees and IDPs, and worked on refugee resettlement efforts in Kenya. She has also designed and facilitated humanitarian response training programs.

Sarah has experience living and working in Latin America and East and Southern Africa. She holds an MA from Georgetown University and an BA from Boston University.


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