Zar Ni

Partnership Manager – CDA Myanmar


Zar Ni joined CDA as a Partnership Manager in 2016 for promoting CDA local partners’ Conflict Sensitivity practices both on the program level and on the organizational level. Before joining CDA, he worked for the development sector in different regions of Myanmar. He worked on Accountability and Feedback Mechanism with CESVI, Relief International and Merlin. He also worked for Search for Common Ground (SFCG) – Myanmar, as a Project Manager of SFCG Myanmar’s flagship project, “Social Cohesion for Stronger Communities – SC2.” The project promoted trust and cooperation between CSOs, Local Government Actors and Non-State Actors so there would be a more cohesive society in Myanmar’s six ethnic states.

Zar Ni earned his Bachelor’s degree with Agricultural Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Studies from NCC, UK.