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CDA is widely recognized as a leader in the field of conflict sensitive business practice, corporate respect for human rights, and human security safeguards in and around corporate operations. CDA’s work on responsible business practice began in 2000 with the launch of the Corporate Engagement Program. The Corporate Engagement Program conducted more than 40 site assessments with more than 60 companies in 25 countries. The resulting lessons are presented in Getting It Right: Making Corporate-Community Relations Work.

CDA works with individual companies, international organizations, UN agencies, governments, and industry associations on a broad range of issues relating to conflict risks and operational impacts, including stakeholder and community engagement, social investment, local content, and negotiation and compensation.

We advise companies about how to achieve socially responsible operations and effective approaches to incorporate conflict-sensitivity and human rights considerations in and across their business operations.

CDA produces practical guidance and tools to support corporate managers in planning and decision making. CDA cooperates with colleagues in individual companies, industry associations, international organizations, such as the UN Global Compact, and emerging market enterprises such as Chinese business entities operating internationally.

Learning Questions

  • How can companies know and show their due diligence measures are maximizing positive effects and minimizing negative impacts on communities where they operate?
  • How can companies gain and sustain a social license to operate in the most difficult operational environments?
  • What are effective roles for business entities in promoting peace?
  • How can companies promote human security and reduce risks to themselves and their stakeholders when they operate in the presence of armed non-state actors, such as rebel groups and militias?

Key Publications

Ask the Experts

CDA provides services to companies, industry associations, and international organizations.  Ask us how we can customize our resources and expertise to help you improve your responsible business practice. Contact


Ben Miller, Associate Director of Advisory Services [email]
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From Our Partners

“The follow-up recommendations [from the CDA report] were really practical. Really hands-on, practical review and advice on the plans that were being putting in place.” – Manager, Community Relations, Oil & Gas (Africa)

“For investors relations, the fact that our company works with CDA on such types of missions has obviously had a benefit for the company.” – Director, Investor Relations: Oil &Gas (Europe)

“In [our operational context], you have to be so careful about what you say and do, but CDA is trusted and it is possible to have open, frank conversations about serious issues.” – Former CSR Manager, Oil & Gas (Asia)

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